Our team of professional advisors helping to shape the future of Resonate.

Sam Halligan

Sam brings extensive experience in front-line community musicianship, project management and strategic development. He also works as a sound engineer and stage manager at festivals and live music venues. Sam runs Fingers Push Buttons which builds musical instruments, designs products using visual programming and publishes electronic music. He is firmly committed to providing music making experiences that are closely tailored to the needs and interests of those taking part.

Alex Ratcliffe

Alex began her career as a teacher of art and held senior leadership roles within Special Education. Alex is an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate, a Further Education Assessor and is a published author on the lives of autistic adults. Alex is passionate about promoting identity-first language, seeing autism through the social rather than medical model and increasing autism acceptance not merely awareness. Alex consults on creativity and inclusive practice.  

Dylan Hibbert

Dylan has worked within the NHS for 15 years following an earlier career as a production manager in the print trade. Dylan currently works as an Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor and loves supporting people through music. He holds group and individual sessions for patients to play and record music at the Hellingly Centre, and helps to run the Hellingly Centre radio show which broadcasts on Hailsham FM. Dylan is super excited about widening participation in music for people experiencing mental health difficulties.